What to Include on Your Wedding Website

Want to keep all your guests updated on everything they need to know about your wedding day? A wedding website can be a huge lifesaver. Instead of answering countless phone calls and text messages about where to stay, when the ceremony starts, and every other detail, you can refer everyone to your website, which will have everything they need to know.

To help you get started, we put together this handy guide on what to include on your wedding website!

Start with the basics
Of course, your wedding website should include all the details that are on your invitation. People tend to lose or misplace paper invites, and this gives them a chance to double-check that they have the date, time, and location correct. You should also include the date guests need to RSVP by and give them the option to RSVP online.

Provide clear directions
If your ceremony or reception venue is a little off the beaten path, it can definitely help to provide detailed directions from the nearest airport and interstates. If your venue is a little easier to find, a simple link to Google Maps directions can be just as helpful.

Give them the heads-up on where to stay
If you are booking a hotel block for your guests, be sure to list out all the info on your wedding website. It also helps to list the nearest transportation, like airports and train stations, as well as fun things to do and your favorite places to eat and shop in town.

Let them know the schedule
Only your wedding party will need a detailed schedule, so keep it simple. Just let your guests know where to be and when and provide them with any details they need to know about parking or attire.

Have a way to get in touch
If any of your guests have any questions, provide them with a way to reach you. Definitely don’t hand out your phone number. Instead, provide them with your wedding email, so you can respond to their questions in a timely manner with the rest of your wedding details.

Show off those engagement photos
Your wedding website is the perfect place to put those engagement photos to use. Just be sure not to go overboard—no one wants to scroll through 100 photos of you and your soon-to-be-spouse. Instead, pick a few of your favorites to decorate your website.

Tell your love story
One of the best parts of a wedding website is telling the story of how you met and fell in love. While some of your guests may know the details already, others may enjoy reading the story for the first time. You can also add some fun background info, like your shared hobbies and interests.

Introduce the wedding party
It’s a safe bet that most of your guests won’t know much about the members of your wedding party. Your website can provide a fun introduction to the people who are standing up with you on your big day and explain how you met and became friends with each of them.

Link to your registries
Let your guests know where you and your partner are registered and make it extra easy for them by linking to your individual registries on different websites.

The goal of your wedding website is to make life easier for both you and your guests. Make it a one-stop shop for information about your big day and ensure that all the information is easy to find, so you can avoid people coming to you with questions during the craziness of wedding planning. 

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