What to Include in Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Let’s get real: Your wedding day likely won’t go off without a hitch. While there hopefully won’t be any major snafus, there will definitely be small issues that need to be resolved, like an accidental stain or an upset stomach.

That’s where the wedding day emergency kit comes in. Pack a kit of a few essential items that you can have on hand to deal with any issues that arise. Here are just a few items you should definitely include in your emergency kit.

Touch-Up Items
Your makeup likely won’t stay perfect all day, so be sure to have some extra makeup handy, as well as items like a comb or brush, deodorant, eye drops, and tweezers. You never know what minor snags you’ll run into with your appearance, so be prepared to do some final touch-ups before walking down the aisle.

Backup Items
Have extras on hand of any items you may need, like contact lenses, bobby pins and hair ties. Think about small items that may get lost or easily break, and ensure you have extras, just in case.

Snacks and Medicine
Some healthy, non-messy snacks and bottled water are definitely items you want to have on hand. You may be surprised by how hungry and thirsty you get throughout the day! You’ll also want to pack some over-the-counter medications like pain relievers and antacids to handle any headaches or stomach problems that come up.

Wardrobe Malfunction Items
A loose thread doesn’t have to ruin your day! Pack items that can help you solve any minor wardrobe issues, like a mini sewing kit, fashion tape, and safety pins. A lint roller is also a good item to have handy, especially if your wedding party is wearing a dark color.

Miscellaneous Extras
You will also want to include any additional items you may need in your kit, like a cell phone charger, bug spray, sunscreen, or comfy shoes to put on after the ceremony. Think through the day and what items you may want, or even walk through your house and think about what you would need as you’re packing. You never know what items might come in handy, so keep an open mind and grab anything that could possibly get you out of a stressful bind on yoru big day.

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