Top Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Wedding planning can be stressful, exciting, and definitely overwhelming, especially if you have never planned any sort of event before. While there are always some parts of the planning process that are beyond your control (like unexpected weather or a vendor coming down with the flu), there are some common wedding planning mistakes that you can definitely avoid.

Hiring a professional wedding planner can take a load of stress off of you and your partner and allow you to enjoy wedding planning a little more. Plus, they can help you avoid these common wedding planning mistakes.

Not knowing your budget
We get it—money is not a fun or sexy topic. But knowing and sticking to your budget is essential in ensuring your wedding planning goes off without a hitch. Before you even begin to look at venues or dresses, sit down with your partner and discuss how much you can afford to spend. If your families are helping out, ask them how much they are willing to contribute or what items in the budget they want to help with. With a clear idea of all the funds available to you, you can quickly eliminate any venues or vendors that don’t fit within your budget.

Messing up your marriage license
Every state has different rules when it comes to marriage licenses. Be sure to find out how many days you have to get married once you obtain the license—in some states, it’s only 30 days, so getting that license early will actually mess up your plans big time. But don’t wait until the day before your wedding, or you may not be able to get your license in time for your ceremony.

Letting other people have too much of a say
Once you get engaged, you may be surprised how much people assume about your wedding plans, like who will be in your wedding party. Don’t feel obligated to do things a certain way or include certain people just because your parents or family members expect you to. The only people who should have a huge say in your wedding day are you and your partner.

Ordering your dress too late
Even if you’re purchasing your wedding gown off the rack of a chain bridal store, it’s a good idea to order it at least four months before your wedding. Most stores don’t carry every size, and your dress will take a while to come in and may need alterations when it arrives. And if you’re purchasing a custom gown, especially from another country, order at least six months before your wedding day.

Not booking a videographer
A wedding photographer is definitely on your must-have list of vendors, but many couples opt not to hire a videographer. However, a video of your wedding day is something you will cherish and enjoy for years to come. Plus, video provides everything photos can’t: audio of your vows, the reactions of your family and friends, and even footage of everyone’s moves on the dance floor.

Leaving the small items out of your budget
Your wedding budget should be comprehensive, but a lot of people only budget for the big things, like the venue, flowers, and catering. However, the little items, like postage for your save the date cards and invitations, can quickly add up and throw off your budget. Be sure to factor in details like gifts for your wedding party, accessories, and any other small items you will want to have on hand during your big day.

Not asking enough questions
Your vendors are professionals, and while it’s a good idea to give them space to do their jobs, you also want to make sure they understand your desires. Don’t hesitate when it comes to asking specific questions and getting all the details on what you’re paying for.

Hiring a friend or relative instead of a professional
You might save hundreds asking your cousin to do the wedding photos or your friend to DJ, but if they have zero experience, chances are you won’t get the results you want. Even if you have a tight budget, it’s always best to hire professionals with experience working at weddings to avoid being completely disappointed by your wedding photos or music.

Focusing on the planning, instead of the why
No matter how stressed you get in the planning process, don’t forget what your wedding day is all about: You are marrying the love of your life. Take time to relish that fact and relax a little bit. Even if nothing goes quite right on your wedding day, at the end, you’re still married to the one you love, and that’s what’s most important. 

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