Thoughtful Ways to Honor Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding

Your wedding is a time of joy and celebration with the ones you love, so you may want to pay homage to those friends or family members who have passed away, especially if you had a close relationship. There are a variety of ways to pay tribute to your loved ones who have passed on and can’t be with you to celebrate, from the subtle to the more public. We’ve put together a few suggestions for memorializing your friends and relatives who have passed away.

Incorporate them into your bouquet
You can add your loved one’s photos to a locket or other ornamental case and include them in your bouquet. Or, if you have a special piece of jewelry or small trinket from them, you can add that to your bouquet as a personal touch.

Save them a seat
Reserve a special seat at your ceremony venue for your loved one and mark it with their photographer and name. This is a heartfelt way to feel that your friend or relative is a part of your day.

Create a memory table
If you have the room, set aside a table at your reception to decorate with mementos and framed photos of your loved ones who have passed away.

Add a note to your program
An “In Loving Memory of” tribute on your wedding programs is a lovely nod to your loved one who can’t be at your ceremony.

Have a special flower arrangement made
Ask your florist to create an arrangement with your loved one’s favorite flowers or color. You can even just pick flowers that are symbolic of remembrance.

Engage in a moment of silence
If you would like to have a public recognition of your lost loved one, ask your officiant to lead everyone in a moment of silent reflection.

Offer favors in their honor
Did your loved one have a favorite treat? Make it your favor with a note that you have done so to honor them.

Give a toast
When you speak to your guests during your reception, toast to your loved one along with all your guests.

Make a donation
If you’re looking for an alternative to a normal registry, ask guests to donate to a specific charity in honor of your loved one.

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