The Perfect Wedding Trends for Every Season

One of the best ways to find inspiration for your wedding day is to look to the season! Whether you’ll say “I do” in winter, spring, summer or fall, there are a variety of ways to incorporate the season into your décor, attire and even hairstyles.

We put together this small guide to give you some seasonal inspiration for your wedding day!

The coldest season of the year has its own unique elegance that makes for a stunning wedding. Because of snow and ice, white and gray are frequently associated with winter, but they work as excellent neutrals to a variety of brighter hues. A winter wedding dress should be stunning. Think royalty, like cascading ball gowns or long lace sleeves.

A winter hairstyle should have the same touch of elegance, whether it’s a classic updo or gentle side waves. If you’re going for a more bohemian look, a long side braid is the perfect accessory to your gown.

Winter colors are deep and vibrant, like wine red or dark forest green. Add some metallic neutrals, such as copper or silver, to give your day a little extra sparkle.

The spring season is all about growth—flowers blooming, trees full of leaves once again. It’s a time of refreshment and relief after the cold of winter. Think sunlight and pastels! Fun, romantic wedding dress styles are perfect for spring, from short vintage lace gowns to A-line dresses. This is also the perfect season to opt for a sleeveless look!

Your hairstyle should be just as romantic, so think gentle waves or a fun braid. For shorter hair, curls or a fun 1920s style flapper hairdo is perfect!

You can take inspiration for your spring wedding colors from the flowers and plants blooming around you! Light pinks, purples and yellows are the perfect way to brighten up your décor. You can opt for pastels for a more muted look that can blend well with other neutral colors.

When you think summer, you probably think of hot days, time at the pool or beach and bright colors. Summer is the perfect time to opt for a strapless wedding gown or an elegant sheath. If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, you’ll want to choose something that won’t be too heavy or warm.

An updo is the perfect hairstyle to beat the heat for a summer wedding, while loose waves is a great vibe for a beach ceremony.

Summer colors range from bright reds and blues (think popsicles!) to cooler tones like aqua and lilac. Instead of white, opt for a warm ivory tone accented with purple or bright yellow.

The autumn season is full of warmer, darker tones and romantic elegance. This is the season of Halloween, so add a little more mystery and magic to your day! Go for a more natural or smoky makeup look. A more detailed wedding gown is a great fit for fall or some subtle sparkles to brighten up a possibly gray day.

A braided crown is the perfect hairstyle for an autumn bride, or short curls held back with a vintage pin. Think Old Hollywood movie stars and fairytales for this look!

Fall colors tend darker, like navy blue, violet and chocolate. Silver and gray are good neutral options to pair with a deep pink or orange.

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