Non-Alcoholic Options for Your Wedding Reception Bar

When planning your wedding, you may think, Who doesn’t love an open bar? The answer is…actually quite a few people. Some of your guests may be sober for health reasons, while others may simply choose not to drink alcohol. That’s why it’s so important to have non-alcoholic options available at your reception that are just as fun and enjoyable as any alcoholic beverage.

Sure, you can just serve soda or tea, but your guests deserve the best, so why not give those who choose not to drink as many options as those who do?

Offer some fun mocktails
A good drink has a variety of fresh ingredients, but alcohol doesn’t have to be one of them. Talk to your bartender about ways you can convert traditional cocktails into mocktails that your alcohol-free guests will love. If you’re creating a signature drink for your reception, consider creating a non-alcoholic option as well so everyone can join in on the fun.

Look for health-conscious options
Instead of non-alcoholic beer, consider healthier options like kombucha cocktails, which don’t have to include alcohol. Kombucha is perfect for pairing with a fun garnish, like blueberries, rosemary or lavender and is a unique offering for your guests.

Add a juice station or lemonade bar
Want a trendy addition to your bar? A pressed juice station is perfect for a tasty addition to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. As an alternative, you can even offer a variety of lemonade flavors that guests can mix with alcohol or drink on their own. Talk about refreshing!

Make soda stylish
If you still want to include soda as an option, consider making it more interactive by allowing guests to add their own flavors with syrups. This kind of treat is perfect for all ages and gives guests avoiding alcohol more options than just cola.

Go wild with garnish
Another great way to customize your bar offerings is to let guests add their own garnishes to their drinks. A garnish bar is a fun interactive station, and you can include a wide variety of fruits and other garnishes, like basil, mint, ginger, and more.

Keep your glassware fancy
Don’t punish your sober guests with a childish-looking cup for their beverage. Instead, serve mocktails, lemonades and sodas in the same glasses you would use for alcoholic drinks. For example, if you’re creating a non-alcoholic martini, use a martini guest. The right glassware keeps your reception looking fancy and your guests having fun.

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