8 Tips for Planning Your Wedding Reception

While the reception is often considered the “fun” part of the wedding day, it takes just as much planning as the ceremony. There are vendors to choose, décor to design and more. Before you jump into planning your reception, check out our tips for creating a party to remember!

Find inspiration in your venue
Walk through your chosen wedding venue and take note of any architectural details you may want to highlight with your décor. You will also want to pay attention to any areas that you may want to hide or downplay.

Start with the big tasks
At the top of your to-do list should be booking a venue, caterer, and deciding on your menu and wedding décor color scheme. Once you get these major items out of the way, you can focus more on the smaller details.

Decide on lighting
Lighting can easily set—or ruin–the mood of your reception, so take time to figure out the best way to light your venue. A wedding planner can help you design lighting that shows off your venue’s best features and sets the perfect ambience for your reception.

Pay attention to the little details
Small things like creative centerpieces or monogrammed napkins can help make your event look more cohesive, especially if you create a subtle theme for your big day. Just be sure to assemble items like favors and place settings ahead of time, so you’re not rushing to organize everything on the big day.

Think beyond traditional
Your décor doesn’t have to look like every other wedding you’ve seen. Look to your love story and you and your partner’s interests to inspire the look of your reception, whether that’s a subtle nod to a favorite movie or TV show in your centerpieces or a cake shaped like your pet.

Organize your space
When you’re laying out your reception space, make sure you have plenty of room for tables, food and, of course, the dance floor! You’ll also want to make sure that any vendor who needs access to an electrical outlet is position near one.

Consider keeping it central
If you have your ceremony and reception in the same venue, you will spend less time and money on décor, as well as save on transportation and other costs.

Don’t forget the little ones
If you plan to invite children to your wedding, consider having some activities for them, such as small games or coloring pages to keep them occupied during your reception. When you keep the kids happy, their parents can truly enjoy the day!

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