8 Fun and Adorable Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

If you have a pet, chances are they’re a big part of your life (and your Instagram). Maybe they were even part of your proposal. So naturally, you want to include your pet in your wedding day. After all, they’re as much a part of your family as the rest of your relatives!

However, making your pet a part of your ceremony can present a lot of challenges. Who will handle your furry friend while you’re saying your vows? What do you do with them during the reception?

That doesn’t mean you can’t include your pet in your big day. It just means you have to get a little creative in how you make them a part of your wedding. Here are eight fun ways that you can include your pet in the best day of your life.

Bring your pet along to the ceremony
The most obvious way to include your pet is to make them a part of your big day, whether that’s as a ring-bearer, a flower pup, or just a guest of honor. Whether you can bring your pet depends on a lot of factors, including your venue and your pet’s personality. Dogs are usually the easiest pets to include in a wedding ceremony, but don’t rule out other animals as well. If this is something you really want, talk to your venue about their rules for pets and develop a plan on who will be in charge of your best furry friend.

Include your pet in spirit
If bringing your pet to your venue isn’t possible, consider having a framed photo of them, mentioning them in your vows, or even including a cardboard cutout to party with at the reception. There are a variety of ways your beloved pet can attend your wedding in spirit, even if they can’t be there physically.

Make them a part of your stationary
Pets are much easier to include in engagement photos than your actual wedding, so you can make them a part of your special day by featuring them on your save the date cards or invitations. You can even hire an illustrator to create personalized drawings of your pets to include on napkins, signage, or other small items in your wedding and reception.

Include your pet in decorations
Photos are one of the simplest ways to decorate your venue, so why not include images of your pets along with those of you and your partner? Decorate the tables at your reception or the entrance to your venue with photos that tell the story of your—and include your four-legged family members as well!

Add them to your cake
A personalized cake topper is a great way to include your pet in your wedding, even if they can’t actually attend. Some couples have even had a cake created in the shape of their pet! Just be careful with that option: you may not want to slice into a cake shaped like your beloved dog or cat!

Feature pet-themed décor
There are plenty of subtle ways to incorporate items in your décor that pay homage to your pet. You can have table numbers in the shape of dog bones, centerpieces featuring your pet’s photo, or even candles shaped like your favorite animal friend. Check out Pinterest for ways your pet can sneakily be incorporated into your décor.

Include your pet in your accessories
Both you and your partner can wear small items that feature your pet. Cufflinks, earrings, bracelets, and other jewelry are a great way to give a subtle nod to your furry friends at home. A customized item featuring the image of your pet is also a great gift for your soon-to-be-spouse!

Have a pet-themed photo booth
Remember that idea of including your pet as a cardboard cutout? You can go all out with that concept and add more pet-themed props to a photo booth. Give your guests animal noses and ears to wear and let everyone have a little fun!

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