8 DIY Wedding Favor Ideas

Want to give your wedding favors that extra personal touch? There are tons of great ways to create your own favors, which can save you money and give you and your wedding party some great bonding time!

Keep in mind that DIY doesn’t mean you have to create every piece of your favors from scratch. You could simply DIY part of the details, like hand-painted pots for small plants or hand-stamping paper bags. The options are endless! Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites.

Small Painted Canvas
This is a fun craft as well as a unique wedding favor! You can purchase mini canvases and easels and create a unique design or painting on each one. Talk about memorable!

Hot Cocoa Mix
If you’re having a winter wedding, what better way to warm up than by offering your guests some hot cocoa? Put together the ingredients for a hot cocoa mix in Mason jars, giving your guests something to enjoy right on the spot or save for a chilly night.

Wedding Survival Kit
Many of your guests have likely been to quite a few weddings, so a wedding survival kit can be a fun—and useful—gift. You can include items like sunglasses (if your ceremony is outside), a small pack of Advil, some snacks and even a little game or magazine.

Customized Candy
Get your new initials monogrammed on M&Ms and fill small jars with the candy. A sweet treat for your guests!

Doggie Bags
If your wedding is full of dog lovers, why not give them something to take home to their furry friends? A doggie bag with a couple of bones is a thoughtful favor.

S’mores Kit
This favor is perfect for an autumn wedding! Put together a small kit of marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate and give you guests something tasty to look forward to. This is especially perfect if your wedding includes a bonfire!

Homemade Treats
Do you love to bake? Put those skills to use and mix up a huge batch of cookies that you can put in individual bags for your guests. You can stamp the bags with your initials or a fun message.

Mini Gumball Dispensers
Remember how fun gumball dispensers were when you were a kid? You can purchase mini versions in bulk and add custom labels to commemorate your special day.

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